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Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro battery charge problem
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TOPIC: Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro battery charge problem

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro battery charge problem 4 years, 11 months ago #2533

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I've got the following problem to charge the battery of my wife tablet Lenovo Yoga tab 3 pro

For some odd reason Lenovo is selling a Lenovo Yoga 3 pro which is a laptop and they are also selling
a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Pro which is a tablet.
If you search on the Internet for "Lenovo Yoga TAB 3", you will receive many results related to the laptop and not the tablet.

If you suspect the USB charger module you could have the intent to buy a new one.
Both chargers have the same aspect but:
The charger for the laptop is using specific USB connector pins (1 and 2) to generate 20V to charge the laptop.
Picture of the laptop charger


The charger for the tablet with the same look generates only 5V 2A between pin 1 and 5 of the microusb
To quickly charge the tablet, it has also a 12V 2A fast charge mode.
Picture of the tablet charger (5V 2A only)
The charger reference model is SC-13 with 5V, 7V and 12V output.


The price is much higher for the laptop charger, although it could be used to charge also the tablet because
USB pin 1-5 are also connected to 5V 2A.

You can also use the iPad charger to safely charge the Lenovo tablet.

The problem with the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 battery charge.

If you connect the charger while using the tablet, the battery continues to discharge.
If you connect the charger to the tablet in idle/standby state, the tablet continues to discharge
If you connect the charger to the tablet in OFF state, the tablet will charge very slowly. (about 16-17 hours)
(The charger remains cold during the charge when you touch it)

First of all, go to the Google Play store, search for the Ampere app and install it.
That App will show you the battery charge current when your tablet is connected to the charger.
With Ampere will calculate the charger current. Check ifthe value is within the range of 1660-1700 mA with a battery 70% (for example) discharged.
That means that your charger is OK and can execute a Quick Charge.


If Ampere calculates a charge current of less than 500mA that means that the charger can only charge in low current mode.
It will take ages to fully charge the battery.

Before going further, i.e. performing a factory reset, please check the micro-USB connector (tablet and cable side) with magnifiers.
The contacts could be dirty or damaged.
Clean them up and retry the Ampere test.

Also if you have another high power charger, like a 2.1A iPad charger, and another cable, try them successively and verify the charge rate
with Ampere.

After having made these tests to no avail, I've contacted the Lenovo support.

Despite of the fact that we both considered that the Battery Management System (BMS) was likely controlled by embedded firmware,
the support technician (very kind person), advised me to try to reset the tablet to factory default.
I agreed to try that solution before returning the tablet in RMA under warranty.

To reset to factory default:
-Switch the tablet OFF
-Push on Volume UP then on the ON/OFF switch while continuing to push on VOL UP.
-Wait until the tablet shows the Recovery main menu. Release both buttons.
-Using the VOL UP / VOL DOWN, select recovery in the red square menu.
-In the recovery menu, select Factory Reset, then on the next screen Yes.

It takes only a few seconds to wipe the cache and the data partition.
Your data in the internal MMC partition are remaining safe, only all you programs and associated settings are deleted.
They can be restored via Google Play.
Don't worry if takes a while to reboot the tablet after the Reset.(Lenovo logo changing from Yellow to Red color)

It appears the BMS is managed in the Lenovo Androïd firmware because the factory reset did resolve the issue.
After a few minutes of charge, the charger will become hot which means that the charge current is much higher than before.
The charger can recharge the battery while you are using the tablet.

The problem that was resolved by the Factory Reset is likely to unlock the BMS that was stuck in the End-of-Charge low charge current.

Hope it will help others to resolve that very annoying issue without having to return the tablet in RMA.

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