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Honeycomb revived
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TOPIC: Honeycomb revived

Honeycomb revived 8 years, 5 months ago #2010


while playing around with EBT/BCT I had the idea to revive HC.
I've already tried this, but I wasn't willing to overwrite EBT/BCT for that, because I wasn't sure that I can go back to ICS/JB.

Now that I'm sure I can manage this, it was about time...
And here it is.
Thanks to Thomas starbuck28 @android-hilfe for the partition-images.


Only caveat:
I wasn't able to boot CWM-Recovery without bypassing the normal bootloader.

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Re: Honeycomb revived 8 years, 5 months ago #2011

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Back to the future ?
That's cool !

If you need it, I've the NvFlash restore-to-stock HC 3.2 image from Lenovo for the K1 (1Gb+ file )
You can also download it from http://www.jaguarsearch.com/item/id60b4d85fh32i0#
That image is mentioned by Lenovo in a "How to return the K1 HC 3.2 to stock" .

(BTW I'm playing with thirteen (!) tablets Point of View PROTAB 3 XXL.
It's nice that they are delivered already rooted. (JB 4.1)
What's surprising is that there are 2 much slower tablets in the lot. I don't know why.
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Re: Honeycomb revived 8 years, 5 months ago #2012

You became a tablet dealer?
Good to know
The hardware and price sounds OK.
Do you know if it is a relabeled hardware from some other manufacturer?

My current build of HC is 150MB...without CWM-recovery..
I've even managed to create the blob to update/downgrade EBT/BCT

It's of no special use, but it's technically fascinating

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Re: Honeycomb revived 8 years, 5 months ago #2013

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Hi Mickey,

No, I don't sell tablets !
I had to hack them. I've made and installed a new bootanimation.
We are giving a tablet to participants of a management training program with the course documents and a few software tools included.
Kind of a new "active" USB key.
I wanted them to think to us each time they will boot their toy .

Despite of the little memory (8Gb) they are quite good and reactive.
I've left one of them in sleeping mode during 10 day's. No problem to wake it up. Battery not too discharged
POV is using the Rockchip Arm A9 which looks rock solid !
It's supplied with a vanilla JB 4.1.1 OS

It looks like they are manufacturing their budget tablets by themselves.

About HC, I was really happy when using that 3.2.1 release and angry when the tablet was updated automatically
without having any possibility to refuse the upgrade.
In the HC stock image (no 3G) from Lenovo, there are RCM1.bin (2K bytes) and RCM2.bin (52k bytes) files.
They are (nv)flashing both of them.
./nvflash --bct flash_encrypt.bct --setbct --odmdata 0x300c0011 --configfile flash.cfg --create --bl bootloader_encrypt.bin --rcm RCM1.bin RCM2.bin --go

I don't know what are these files. --rcm option looks not documented.
The files appear to be encrypted.
I've found only that reference to RCM in the nvflash help :

used for nvflash in odm secure devices, can be used with any nvflash commands
blob contains encrypted and signed RCM messages for communication b/w nvflash
and bootrom at start, encrypted hash of encrypted bootloader(used with --bl
option) for it's validation by miniloader and nvsbktool version info

These files are not included in the original LE PAD PQXU200 image.
Perhaps they are uploading the bin files in RAM so that the APX protocol will be compatible with the nvflash
version supplied with the package. (rcm 0x20001 is displayed when using nvflash)


Re: Honeycomb revived 8 years, 5 months ago #2014

I've just tried to create a HC.zip for installation with CWM.

Unfortunately it looks like HC and ICS/JB will only boot when EBT and BCT are updated with the correct version respectively.

After some testing and refreshing I wasn't even able to update EBT/BCT with the JB version to go back from HC to JB (Tablet showed "EBT update failed").
Only thing that helped was a complete repartitioning (nvflash --create)

Strange toy, but still alive

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Re: Honeycomb revived 8 years, 5 months ago #2015

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Yes, I had problems with the partitions when I've used the HC sources partitions cfg file to build up my first CWM on Koush site.
The partitioning (block size ?) was different before ICS.

You are really an "nvflash doctor" !
BTW did you ever read that document (from the HC sources)?

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File Name: nvboot_bct.zip
File Size: 3 KB

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